It is interesting to sit back and watch a political party implode. Since that upstart, Donald Trump, had the audacity to steal the Presidency away from our Hillary and now sit in the Oval Office and issue these illegal mandates to try and take away our Hero’s legacy, it just burns us up. We are so angry we will look for the least little thing to prove that the American people are not stupid enough to prefer someone like Trump to our beloved Hillary.

It just had to be the Russians influencing the election for they know that Obama was hard on them and they can use Trump in a way they could never use Obama. Oh, yes. Even though Obama was on a hot mike when he told the Russian diplomat to relate to Putin that after the election, “I can be more flexible.” Obama was so flexible that if Putin said jump Obama would have said, “How high.”

This man scares the living heck out of the entrenched politicians because neither the Democrats nor the Republican insiders can figure him out as he is more like an independent than he is a party man. He campaigned on Draining the Swamp and Downsizing Government and it looks like he just might do both those things and that would tear down the insider’s playhouse and they can’t stand still for that.

One of the first lessons that I had in politics was my parents letting me know that you couldn’t put any confidence in political promises for they are just empty words used to get a person elected. But now it seems that Donald Trump is going to work to keep our country safe and secure and make sure that America is first in any treaty or agreement with anyone. No more will we be Mr. Nice Guy and give away the candy store with every one who wants a hand-out from Old Uncle Sugar.

I don’t believe that any other nation has done any more to help in time of need than we have and we don’t get a lot of thanks for that. At the present time we have millions of refugees who want to find a safe haven and we have taken in untold umbers of them. Most of them are Muslims and if we balk at being a dumping ground we are accused of being anti-Muslim but at the same time how many of these Muslims have the super rich Muslim nations taken in. None. They claim it would be a security risk to their Nation, so how about the security risk to our nation? For the first time in my memory we have a President who is looking at the welfare and safety of the United States of America and I don’t see anything wrong with that attitude.

All I want to see is President Trump stand strong and stick by his promises that got him elected and make America great again.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs