I find it amusing to see (from a video clip on the internet) illegal immigrant supporters being asked questions if they will let these immigrants into their homes, give them food and make sure they are well off. You can only guess what the huge majority say: don’t have enough space, can’t afford it, etc. It’s amazing that these people support immigration but don’t want to make any sacrifices. They think that the government is a fix-all to all of our problems, when, in fact, the government becomes part of the problem, not it’s solution.

Did you hear where actor Robert Davi has challenged Hollywood to invite illegal aliens to converge on the Grammys for a night of entertainment? Take down the walls and electronic gates and let them in. Let them come to our after-show parties. Let’s show them our support!

Yeah, right! I can see that happening. Once again, I find the far left to be hypocrites, as they do nothing to solve the problems they invite.

Mark E. Rogers

El Dorado Springs