I am appalled at the latest “stunt” from the CCMH Board.  Now that we have someone on the board who is willing to stand up for the people of the Stockton area, it appears that other members of the board are trying to silence that voice.  David Bozarth won his position by a landslide because there are so many of us whose voices weren’t being heard. Now, since one of the members has taken another job, it was voted to change the time of meetings to one that is more convenient for that member.  David informed them that because of his job, he cannot be there at that time.  Nonetheless, the vote carried. This really looks like an intentional move to have David removed from the board. (See section 3 of board rules).

We want our voice to be heard, and that would be David Bozarth!  If the board chooses to change meeting times to accommodate one member, they should have to consider all the members.  If it needs to be in the evening and one member can’t drive at night, let another member give them a lift or make it on a Saturday.

Something needs to change in this situation – it looks an awful lot like bullying!

by Dorothy Black