Thank you for your article in the May 20 edition of this paper. It is much appreciated. However, I must make one correction. First, I was not complaining, I was bringing up facts from the public record during the campaign for the April 6 election. Why would I do such a thing? The citizens of Cedar County heard from me that I was running on a platform of accountability, integrity, and honesty. The citizens of this county, in both Stockton and El Dorado, have specifically told me their biggest problem with the hospital is that there is no accountability by the hospital, its administration, or the board.

As I stated in my prepared statement regarding accountability, “…I will upload a copy of the scrubbed and renamed version as a part of my portfolio. This will be the easiest way for the assessor to review my work.” Also, “Contrary to what some have said about me, I do not want to see this hospital close. Rather, I desire to see it saved, placed on a firm financial foundation, and growing into the future. To accomplish this will require changes, serious changes, and change is never easy. But, change is the way of life, the way to success, and the way to the future.” The citizens are demanding change at the hospital, change for the better, and I am that voice of change.

Second, Mrs. Leroux never told me that if I “had a problem with her,” to “…speak to her.” Rather, that statement was made by me in my statement, “If you want to know my side of the story, have the common decency to ask me, you might just hear a different story.” It was me who invited Mrs. Leroux to talk with me, and not vice versa. If you like, I can provide you with an audio recording of the open session to back up my assertion.

During the campaign, I stated that I would bring to the citizens information from the board meetings which they need to be aware of, and that is what I am doing. I will continue to strive to bring accountability, integrity, and honesty to the hospital, sorely lacking characteristics. If you would like, I can be available for a more in-depth discussion of the remainder of my statement. Interestingly, points that need to become a part of the public record and will demonstrate how the above are needed at the hospital.

David Bozarth

El Dorado Springs