Democrat actions on many important issues are weakening our country.
Congress will be voting on new income and death tax bills. Excessive spending on everything is causing them to ask for huge increases in taxes. Jim Martin, 60 plus association, says, “Joe Biden has crafted a sneaky change to the tax code that will spread the hurt even further. The ‘step-up’ basis-when you pass your home to your loved ones, they would owe taxes o the difference between current value and your original purchase price. It applies on stock, a business you have grown from scratch, family heirlooms, anything. Many families will have to pay a crippling death tax and even perhaps sell the inheritance to pay taxes.” I don’t know how much the income taxes will be raised, but I’m sure it’s a lot with all Biden’s payments for Covid, illegal immigrants, energy to Russia and OPEC, UN, Iran and on and on. Please call your congressman and senators and tell them how you want them to vote.
Their actions on energy are not benefiting our country. Biden begs totalitarian regimes for more oil when he has wonderful reserves here at home. What’s he saving it for, foreign countries when they take over a weak America? The Democrats push the “Green New Deal” that would let the government tell you how often-or even if-your can drive you own car or fly an airplane. (American Energy Alliance) Also the AEA says the federal government will have the power to force all private homes to be re-built according to so-called “sustainable energy” dictates. It will also cost $93 trillion. The “Green New Deal’s” 10 million government jobs pay 50% higher than what the average American makes.
The UN Agenda 21 scheme is just another way for the United Nations to destroy American sovereignty and control our lives says the American Policy Center. The UN Agenda has infested over 600 American cities…to lock away private land and force redistribution of personal wealth.
There are a lot more of these schemes, and it’s not just Democrats who are against us. One organization published names of Republican representatives and senators in the George Soros Socialism causes. Sorry, I can’t remember the organization, but I know Lindsay Graham, Lee Zelding, (congressman attacked? this week, attacker already out of jail) and Matt Gaetz were on the list.
Please find out what’s going on-call the White House and comment.
Carolyn West