I would like to congratulate the EHS track team for their outstanding results at the state track meet. In particular, I’d like to recognize the Boys 4 x 800 relay team for setting a new school record, held since 1978. I was part of that 1978 relay team, along with Don Lewis, John Koger and Greg Leonard. It’s so great to see the dedication of this new generation of athletes, the quality of the track program and the great support of the community. What you runners gain from running is far more than winning medals and breaking records; it’s the life lessons that will serve you later. In running, there is no substitute for hard work and mental toughness.
You are reminded daily of your ability to accomplish what you thought was impossible. These things have all served me well. Best of luck to all the athletes as you progress in your running careers.
Carl Burrow
Frisco, TX

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