Our condolences to the family of Jesse Watts. Nice man. Nice family.
Adrian and her two boys left for home Friday morning to spend the night in Little Rock then finish the trip to St. Francisville (30 miles north of New Orleans) Saturday. Cain had to work and didn’t accompany them. He’s allergic to cats so Adrian, Van and Snider got to stay at our house.
Most of the time, it seemed like we had a house full of grandchildren even though Davis did not bring his three. They did all get together at his house on Wednesday, the day after she arrived.
Tuesday evening she started getting them ready for bed by changing them into their pajamies about 6:30 p.m. Kimball and Van, age 5, were on the bed. Snider, age 2 plus, was standing the foot of the bed tight against the bedspread. I was sitting on the cedar chest.
All of a sudden, Snider let out a war hoop and headed to his sleeping pen saying something under the bed had “got” him. Wednesday night, Snider said there was a “where wolf” under the bed.
With Adrian gone, that room is kept closed so there was no telling what critter might have taken refuge there. Kimball got a flashlight and started looking under the bed.
She found two viscous animals – Jack the tailless cat that just loves her, and her year old black kitten, Diane, that just couldn’t resist Snider’s little toes sticking under edge of the bed spread.
One evening the boys enjoyed the country life catching fire flies in fruit jars. I removed the tops of the jars Sunday. I don’t like fire flies if the get stale.
Jeremy McCarty finished our new well two weeks ago casing it to 280 ft. The full depth is 285 ft. He announced to us that it had no odor, no color and no taste, things I’m sure we’ll miss about the old well.
Tad Barnett hooked it to the house last Thursday, He told Adrian to run the water for two hours to clear the system. She didn’t have quite that much time but she ran it quite a while. I took a shower in it Sunday afternoon. Got me wet.
Cain had to go to work. Adrian works wherever she has her phone. One day I got to the office ready to edit copy. They told me to take a nap. Adrian had another hour go on her phone meeting teaching a customer to use their new software. So she was on vacation, but she wasn’t. The company must like the job she is doing. They just promoted her. KL

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