Recently the Missouri Department of Concervation appointed a new director to that position and I was not the least bit surprised that we had a female named to fill the position. I had expected this to happen since Hilary Clinton was named by the DNC to be their standard bearer for the Presidential election and women are more and more moving into top positions in industry and there is nothing wrong with selecting the best qualified person to fill any seat in any area. The thing to look for is “The best qualified.” The thing we get hung up on is political Correctness and the Good Old Boy syndrome. I believe the Dept. of Conservation is dead set on having a top official who plays the game the way the Department wants it played and to hell with anything else.

We have a man in southwest Missouri who has spent his life in the outdoors, is educated in the area of conservation and I believe has the experience and knowledge to shape up a state wide agency but this man will never occupy a position of authority because he would not play the money game for the department.

Larry Dablemont has for years fought for cleaning up the rivers and streams and making hunting and fishing the number one priority for the citizens of our state and the only reward he has gotten for his efforts is to have the Conservation Dept. pressure the news media to totally disregard him as he is a rabble rouser as far as they are concerned and a great danger to their establishment.

Now Larry is not a rich man as far as a large back account goes but what money he has he put where his mouth is. This man has purchased 60 acres of property near Collins and developed in into a camp area for any group which wants to use it as a retreat for disadvantages youths that they can learn outdoor sports and become better citizens by it. I do not know of any organization that has done any more than this one man.

The state of Missouri has the potential of being the number one state in the nation for outdoors sports but is being badly mismanaged by the one agency responsible for hunting and fishing. I know this almost sounds like saying you don’t believe in god but from what I have seen and experienced in the 20 years I have lived here that is my opinion and I will stick by it.

Cronic Wasting Disease, or CWD as the state likes to call it is spreading like wild fire and I don’t believe anyone in the Missouri Dept. of Conservation has the slightest idea of how to control it. Each year they test for the disease and find it has spread to more counties. They have introduce Elk into Missouri and are building up a herd in order to lure rich sportsmen in for expensive permits in the hopes of killing a record animal. Again, always follow the money trail.

Well, enough for this time, I intend to follow up again on Mr. Dablemont and his relations with his office manager, Mrs. Wiggins, a very much under appreciated helper.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs

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