Conservative groups have learned many facts about the Deep State.

Liberty Guard says that, “We now know with 100% certainty that team Obama missed the surveillance powers of the FBI and CIA to try and destroy the Republican nominee for President.”

“When Donald Trump managed to win the 2016 election anyway Obaba’s FBI Director, James Comey, Triggered an illegitimate Independent Counsel investigation of President Trump through the use of opposition research supplied by Hillary Clinton’s campaign – the ‘Steele Dassier,” which the FBI knew was false. The FBI used it against Donald Trump anyway, even leaking it to the media.”

Liberty Guard continues, “We now know the Mueller investigation was corrupt from the start. Sixteen prosecutors were highly partisan Democrats.”

“They had 40 FBI agents, forensic accountants, IRS agents and other investigators. They conducted more than 500 interviews, issued 1,800 subpoenas and executed more than 500 search warrants over a span of two years. They spent $30 million.”

“After all this, they could find absolutely no violation of law by Donald Trump.”

The reason the Democrats are sunning such a desperate campaign is to stop the investigation into their wrong-doing that probably reaches as high as Clinton, Obama and Priden, I believe.

Liberty Guard reports from two books by Peter Schweitzer – Profiles in Corruption and Secret Empires and from Pam Bondi’s testimony before the U.S. Senate on Jan. 27, 2020. Joe Biden’s family members became fabulously wealthy by trading off Joe Biden’s positions as VP and senator. His son, Hunter, received $1.5 billion for his investment firm from communist China. Hunter was paid more than $3.1 million for sitting on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company. Joe had a prosecutor investigating the company fired or he would withhold $1 billion in US aid. Joe’s brother, James, landed a contract for $1.5 billion, $22 million for the US State Department, and many six-figure loans by using his ties to his brother. Joe Biden’s daughter and husband launched a “Start-Up Health” at the White House in 2011. We don’t know how mc mney was generated, but we can assume a lot. Joe’s sister, Valerie Biden Cwens, has run all of Joe’s campaigns. She directed $2.5 million to be paid to her from his campaign.”

The United States Justice Foundation states that the Chinese communists owns Joe Biden and his family. Hunter was an anchor investor” in China Federal Nuclear Power Company that two years later was charged with espionage by the US Justice Department for stealing nuclear secrets. Biden’s company worked with AVIC, a Chinese Aerospace Company, which later introduced China’ J-20 Stealth fighter, a rep-off of the F-35 based on plans they hacked from our computer systems.

Liberty Guard say government corruption and crony politics are the #1 threat to America’s survival as the “land of the free” for your children and grandchildren.

Please vote for President Trump. He is trying to keep us free.

Carolyn West,

El Dorado Springs