Kimball noticed Dad’s tell tale sign it was time to go back to school at the end of summer – golden rods are blooming.

Looks like that didn’t get called off for virus concerns.

– We were getting ready to go to the Clever/Bulldog game Friday evening when Kimball got the call. Clever is under quarantine and couldn’t field a team.  It is their first year of football, I heard.

– From the Chamber Notes: It is with great sadness and heavy heart we heard that Bob Leeper recently passed away. Bob was one of El Dorado Springs’ and your chamber’s biggest cheerleaders. Bob was a resident of El Dorado Springs for many years before moving to the Kansas City area where he was co-owner of the Straight A Group, dealing in specialty metals. Later in life Bob and his wife, Barbara, were advocates for downtown revitalization and purchased a shelled-out building on Main Street, downtown El Dorado Springs and built the Leeper Center. Many events and memories were made in that place.

I can tell you that Bob’s first interest was St. James Street where his family’s business was located.

-Kimmie (Grandma Kimball) said to remind you that Wednesday, Sept. 9, is Snider’s first birthday. A whilie back I said I hadn’t seen him. Adrian corrected me. He was up here for Christmas.

– Kimball and I record Larry ‘s Country Diner and occasionally watch a few episodes. We hadn’t watched it in awhile because the Covid 19 changes made it less interesting. Well, we watched a couple of shows Sunday evening.

The first thing that made me perk up my ears was when the owner of PFI said he and his son went to the Sheriff’s funeral. Kimball didn’t believe it was “The Sheriff” but in the following episode, they made it clear that Jimmy Capps, the master guitarist known as The Sheriff, had passed away.  I looked it up on line. It gave the date as June 2. He was 81. I was always amazed at his mastery of the guitar.

His wife, Michelle, who was on the episode we watched Sunday night, was almost always on stage with him. She sang backup to some of the artists the Sheriff accompanied.

The article did not give a cause of death. It said final disposition was cremation.

-Misty Boultinghouse Cochran sent me a facebook message: If I ever ask – Do you want me to be honest? Say no.

-Kimball’s favorite part of Larry’s Country Kitchen is Nadine. Sunday night Nadine said that the grandkids were upset because Grandpa told them he had picked up a hitchhiker.  So they asked Grandpa why he did it.

He said the guy looked harmless and when he got into the vehicle, he said, “I’m not a serial killer or anything like that.”

Grandpa said he replied, “No, they’d think it was more than coincidence to have two of us in the same vehicle.”

Grandpa said not a word was spoken for the rest of the trip. KL