May I state my support of the proposed CCMH tax levy increase and make some points?

An available position at Barton County Memorial Hospital was the main reason for my husband choosing this area. His love for country and small town people and the outdoor life and Church affected his decision as well as my family roots. When a then local doctor urged him to switch from BCMH to CCMH, my husband never looked back but wholeheartedly fulfilled his 24/7 contract without ever using all the vacation time and rarely any of the weekends due him. Why? He repeatedly said, “I am not going to add to the hospital’s expenses of providing relief coverage if I can avoid it.” I share this to emphasize the level of dedication CCMH has enjoyed in its staff for many years. I know employees who commute over slick or flooded roads day or night sometimes spending the night in El Dorado to assure their presence at work.

Whenever possible we have gladly and with satisfaction used CCMH services with pride and trust. I’ve had numerous tests, one surgery, one acute hospitalization. Together we were enrolled in aquasize. My husband chose our great physical therapy team and our superbly staffed ER this year. We would readily and confidently make those choices again.

Outstanding physicians have practiced and do practice here, who may not have come without a strong rural hospital. If we want to continue to be attractive to possible real estate, commercial and manufacturing investors, then we must maintain a functioning well staffed hospital if it is in our means.

Thank you and may you or a loved one never need the hospital, but just in case, may we all do our best to protect all that has been invested in this great resource, Cedar County Memorial Hospital, as we respect and remember those to whom it is dedicated.

Barton County resident and Cedar County taxpayer,

Janice Rice


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