It is almost impossible to believe that a nation that has accomplished what the United States of America has accomplished in 200 years by becoming the most powerful nation on our planet can allow itself in eight short years to become the biggest joke on the planet and all for the use of political correctness. We had to show the world that we were open to allow anyone, no matter how unqualified he or she might be, to become the leader of our great nation.

And now once again we are at the point of electing someone who is a prolific liar and criminal to assume this position only because of her gender. I am amazed that polls on show the majority of Ms. Clint’s support is college educated women. Here once again is political correctness, “Oh we must break the glass ceiling.” To hell with the future of our nation, we must break the glass ceiling. Here we have a woman who says the greatest danger to our nation is the NRA. Not Iran, not Islamic terrorism, not global warming but the National Rifle Association, and she is going to put a stop to the NRA.

I will not say it is impossible for in the last 30 years. I have seen people elected to office and events happen that in the past would have been impossible in a sane world but evidently we are not living in a sane world anymore. It seems as if we now have the inmate running the asylum and there is no such thing as a sane world.

We have allowed Muslims displaced by civil was to immigrate to civilized western nations and the first thing they want is to bring in the very conditions they are trying to escape from. Are we slow learners? Evidently we are. The majority of problems in the world at this time are brought about by Islam and while we say we are not at war with Islam, the leaders of Islam make it very plain that they are at war with us.

We have had unlimited illegal immigration in this country and Obama is allowing Syrian Muslims in at an alarming rate and both he and Hillary say they want thousands more as it is the right thing to do. We have no idea who these people are or what their intentions are and the plain fact is that the majority of them are young military age men so why are they not staying home and bringing about the change that is needed in their country.

Donald Trump has hit the hot button issue and that is the reason people are rallying to his call.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs