Opera House Arts Council is excited to present this outstanding duo coming to town; “SAX ON THE BEACH” for our next scholarship concert, scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 8 in the Opera House Theatre in beautiful downtown El Dorado Springs. This is a completely different type of music than has ever performed in our theatre and we are looking forward to them being on our stage.

This dynamic duo hails from Lake of The Ozarks and is made up of Bill Ehelebe and Haley Powers.

Bill plays sax, keyboards and performs vocals. He started his musical life in St. Louis, learning to play the clarinet in the fourth grade. After of couple of years, he moved on to the tenor sax. In the Mercy high school band, he played the baritone sax, while continuing to play tenor in local bands. While the Vietnam war was going on, Bill and a couple of other members joined the Armed Forces. The lead singer for the Sheratons was Michael McDonald, who moved to California and and struck gold with Steeley Dan and then joined the Doobie Brothers. Bill continued to play with various bands in St. Louis until he and his wife moved to the Lake of the Ozarks. In the past year he has performed with Double Trouble at casinos in Tunica, Biloxi and Chicago. Bill now performs all around the lake areas with several different bands including Hot Lixx, Double Trouble, The DieHards, Wanted, and Sax on the Beach.

Haley Powers is on vocals, guitar and rhythm. Haley grew up in a small town in rural Missouri where she listened to the sounds of music in every room of the house. Even as a young child, she knew she wanted to grow up to be a musician. While other children were listening to Disney music she was wearing out her mother’s cassette tapes. Haley always aspired to do what her mother and father did professionally. She wanted to play in a band. While her father played lead guitar in a country band, her mother wailed the drums in a rock and roll band. She received her first guitar on her fifth birthday from her father. From there, guitar was her favorite. In high school she began playing piano. She learned as many songs and chords as she could. Once she graduated high school, she began playing music with several different bands at the Lake. Haley has been happily fulfilling her childhood dream of playing professionally for 10 years. They have been the biggest and the best experiences of her life. She is currently playing in the jazz duo, Sax on The Beach, with Bill Eyhelebe. They play regularly every weekend at Seven Seas Winery.

Advance tickets are $10 and are available at Allison’s Quick Lube, Fugate Motors and Mid Missouri Bank in El Dorado Springs and Hacker’s Jewelers in Nevada. Tickets at the door are $12. For more information, contact Paula Newman at 417/296-5990.

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