In following national politics and trying to look at both parties with a clear eye, it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that Nancy Pelosi borders ion being mentally unstable. In short, she is a total idiot.

On a state level in California we have what was once a beautiful city, San Francisco, but not any more. Now we have homeless people living on the streets and depositing their body waste in the gutters and throwing used needles everywhere after shooting up with their drug of choice and the city has the responsibility to clean up this mess. Now guess who was mayor when all this came down? Yes, Gavin Newsom served as mayor for a period of time and was such a success that he moved up to be Lieutenant Governor of the state when Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown was being term limited out of office. So guess what, now we have Mr. Newsom in the Governor’s seat and he is being the same success as Governor that he was as mayor of San Francisco.

But the interesting thing is the relationship between Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom, he is her nephew. What this tells me is that insanity can run in the family and in this case it seems to hold true. It is difficult to imagine the damage done to a state until you see the number of tax paying citizens who are fleeing California for Nevada and Texas because they are being taxed out of their wealth and have to support the illegal population beyond their means to do so.

I hope and pray for President Trump to have four more years to finish building the southern border wall in order to stem the uninterrupted flow of foot traffic into our county and hopefully slow or stop entirely the mind altering drugs coming in to the United States which have so impacted our population in a negative way.

Please vote to return the House of Representatives along with the Senate to Republican control and save the country that our founding fathers laid the foundation for that built a standard of living that is the best in the world.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs