There’s nothing quite like a small town doctor’s office for service and patient knowledge.

About 4:30 Monday I felt really bad.

I immediately dialed the Clinic and my friend, Judy Carver, answered.  She chastised me half if jest, I think, for waiting so late to call. I told her it had just happened. I knew earlier in the day I wasn’t feeling well, but I wasn’t sick until now.

She told me I could see Teddy if I came “right now.” I heard them say they were glad to have her back.

When I first walked in the door Becky Collins took my temperature – 98 ̊. Everybody commented that I was walking wobbly. I felt lucky to be doing that.

Teddy soon had me looked up on the computer. It said I’m allergic to the drug she preferred so they checked to see if another one would work then they called it down to Evans.

Becky told me that Monday was Dr. Casey’s 37th anniversary at the clinic. I asked if he had time for Kimball to run out and get a photo. Becky said she had taken a photo with Dr. Casey and his balloons, would that do? Sure would.

Kama Whitesell helped get Dr. Casey and his party balloons arranged for a serious shot. Becky grabbed the shot and texted it to Kimball. Isn’t technology wonderful? And a friendly medical staff?

I got to Evans before they filled the prescription which I can’t pronounce. Then I drove next door and got some cold root beer to wash it down.

I still felt so bad I parked in Lions Club Park for awhile to let the medicine take effect. A little over three hours after my initial attack, I actually feel a little better.

I still like our little town.

– I almost forgot to share a bit of wit from Darrell Price which I interpreted as a reaction to all the Covid 19 stuff: “On a  positive note… The return of Christ has NOT been cancelled. He’s still coming.”

Did you pick up from our news that Northeast Vernon County school will open Aug. 20, ECS on Aug. 25 and ElDo on Aug. 26? Hope all goes well. They’ve all done well to keep us informed.

God Bless America. KL