American Policy Center (53 Main St. Box 3640, Warrenton, VA, 20188) says that private property is being taken by the unlawful use of eminent domain and other policies, in the name of climate change and environmental protection. The APC is fighting to stop the enforcement of the UN’s Agenda 21, and its policy of Sustainable Development including the Green New Deal, the Great Reset and Agenda 2030, all part of the same international globalist grab for power which is now being implemented on the local levels of our government. The Leftist forces of tyranny have over 20,000 organizations operating on the national, state and local levels. APC only has 1,500 such organizations, but hopes to organize more. They are working on Freedom Pods and finishing principled, conservative candidates to run in every primary.

If the Left succeeds in implementing the plan, it will affect your finances. Mastercard is promotion a “carbon-limit credit card” that watches the CO2 emissions from everything you buy. Exceeding your monthly CO2 limit shuts down charging any more. Whether you are living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, using too much electricity, traveling too much, owning too many buildings affects your personal profile and credit rating. A negative report will keep you from buying a car or a house or getting a business loan. If you are found to be an improper citizen in the sustainable world, you will be shut out of society and won’t be able to even purchase food.

They hope to enforce Net Zero at the local level through your city council and county commission, through the corporations where you buy your goods, and through your banks.

Another organization, American Stewards of Liberty ( (512.591.7843) is fighting Biden’s land grab of 30% of America’s land and water by 2030, 681,000,000 acres in Executive Order #14008. Taking productive American farmland away will delete thousands of jobs and food producing land.

Help these organizations with money and activism if you can.

Carolyn West