I take issue with Gov. Parsons’ State of the State address. Everyone wants the best for our children, so I agree it would be nice if parents had help paying for childcare. But wouldn’t it be better if doctors in Missouri were allowed to use their vast knowledge and education to assist their patients in planning when to become parents? Allowing them to have children when they can financially provide for them is better for Missouri’s economy than simply throwing a few dollars towards childcare.

Gov. Parson, it’s wrong to allow Missouri politicians to interfere with private healthcare decisions between doctors and patients. When parents are forced to give birth to a child at a time when they can’t afford daycare, medical care, food or a roof over their head, it puts Missouri’s economy in peril. When a mother of three, working two jobs needs to travel out of state for healthcare to save her life are you going to pay for her overnight childcare? Why does Missouri’s governor think we should be proud to live in a state that is so cruel to its citizens?

Missouri will be a better state when we allow doctors and patients to make private, medical decisions without fear of the law. Sign Missourians for Constitutional Freedom’s petition and vote for candidates who will keep politicians out of your medical appointments.

Ellen Wentz