I went to the March 4 Trump event at Jefferson City; though it was not as well-attended as I thought it might be, it was pretty interesting seeing different faces from around the state. I would just like to point out a few distinctions that I have noticed compared to anti-Trump protests.

It was a peaceful march; though there were a few hecklers and people that disagree, there were no fights or screaming matches; I did not see anyone who was paid to be there; the lawn and streets were just as clean there when I left as when I arrived there; no cars were set on fire or overturned, or even vandalized; no businesses were affected that I am aware of.

After the event, I went to Bagnell Dam, caught and released a couple of bass, then went home. I really enjoyed the day and would go again if the opportunity arises.

Mark Rogers

El Dorado Springs

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