Conservative Missouri Supreme Court judges unanimously agreed: We must help our neighbors in need by expanding Medicaid, something most of us voted for. If your neighbor or caregiver makes less than $18,000/year, they will now receive health insurance. No more expensive trips to the ER that you and I are paying for, now they will have affordable care from their own doctors. This is an important step in helping our friends gain the freedom they need to pull out of poverty.

How do we pay for it? The federal government pays for most of it with an extra $billion and a half over the next 10 years. Which brings me to this question, thanks to the American Rescue Plan, Missouri has so much $ right now, why are most of the Missouri politicians that we voted for lying to us and saying we can’t afford to expand Medicaid? They must want to keep our state in poverty rather than help our friends pull out of it. This is a moneymaker for MO and it will give 80,000 of our neighbors new jobs. Missouri is going to fall in love with Medicaid expansion and we’re never gonna look back!

Ellen Wentz

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