Tim Taber II, 56, is missing. Tim has not been seen or heard from since May 1, 2021. Tim’s disappearance is considered suspicious and endangered. He was last seen at Woods Supermarket in El Dorado Springs. Tim may be dazed and confused due to medical conditions.

Tim is 5’ 7”, 150 lbs, blonde and gray hair. He has been known to shave his head. He may also have a goatee or beard which is gray. Tim has no tattoos but both arms are scared from years of hard work. Tim is disabled and takes medication. He has not had his medications since his disappearance.

Tim’s wallet and ID was found and turned over to the El Dorado Springs police. He is not known to have any identification or personal property with him. He does have a cell phone but he has not used it since his disappearance.

Tim loves to fish, camp and be near the water. He may be near one on the lakes or ponds or a campground in the area. He is on foot and not known to be with anyone.

If you have seen or talked to Tim and no any info, please contact the El Dorado Springs police at 417/876-2313, Cedar County Sheriff at 417/276-5133. You may also contact Lisa at 573/969-5576 (cell) or there is a message phone at 417/893-0830. Your identity is not required. Please help his family and friends find him and bring him home safely. We just want him home where he is greatly loved and missed.

Lisa Storey