I’d like to share an observation. I was in the Dollar Store the morning of Saturday, May 23. I followed my stop there with a trip to Woods.

In the Dollar Store, there was a large crowd. Only one or two customers were wearing masks, none for staff. All three checkout registers were open. As we waited in the main checkout line, the line packed. A couple with several small children were behind us. The children were running around and bumping into others, as kids do sometimes. One child ran up and hugged another child who entered the store.

All was “back to normal.” No masks or gloves, no six feet distancing and big crowds of folks.

It was pretty much the same way at Woods.

I hope and pray that everything is okay and will be back to normal.

On Monday’s new, Lake of the Ozarks was jam packed should to shoulder with crowds of people – no attempts at any sort of caution.


Certainly this is what we are all wishing and praying for. I hope we have no regrets for throwing caution to the wind.

Name withheld by request