A bill has recently been introduced in the Missouri House, H.B. 2649, the Missouri Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act, which seeks to protect minors from harmful physiological gender transition procedures. People should get behind this needed bill and tell their state representatives and senators to support it.

Fact is nobody knows why people are transgender, just like nobody knows why people are homosexual. For example, nobody has found gay genes or transgender genes in humans yet, despite desperate searches for decades. There are only theories about why people have abnormal sexual orientations. Sexual abuse when young, for example, could be a factor.

Since there is no proof that physical factors like transgender genes are the cause of transgenderness, it is flat-out malpractice to significantly alter the physical body of someone when that someone may very well have a perfectly healthy body but a psychologically disordered mind. And that especially applies to the bodies of kids, who as they grow up may very well grow out of their sexual or gender confusion or dysphoria. That happens a lot.

Mutilating bodies to try to fix what may well be psychiatric problems is as unreasonable as trying to cure physical problems like lung cancer or diabetes, for examples, only with psychotherapy. True science and logic does not support physiological gender transition operations. However, there is pseudoscience out there pushed by pseudoscientists with extreme, left-wing agendas. There are also malpractitioners out there. Best to ignore them.

Wayne Lela