I would like to take a moment to share my experiences at CCMH.

I started back with CCMH in December of 2022. Coming from a larger facility I immediately saw positive differences. Everyone at CCMH made me feel welcome, including administration. However, when I came on a provider I worked with , who I thought was a reliable and trustworthy source, led me to believe that I was in a hostile and unfair environment being led by a tyrant CEO. I sat in the last hospital board meeting and heard a lot of negative comments against our CEO, Terry Nichols. I feel strongly that the negativity shared was simply retaliation as a lot of those statements mirrored what I was being told. I support standing up for what you believe in, but degrading a human being out of anger and only taking statements from upset individuals is completely unprofessional. If these claims were truly objective I am confident that you would have just as many people making statements about Terry’s accountability, professionalism and his positive impact on our hospital.

As my position with CCMH evolved and I was given the opportunity to work with administration directly, I was able to form my own opinions that differ greatly from what I was led to believe. There are two sides to every story and the agenda of what has been previously presented is only representing on of them. In my time here at CCMH I have never once felt lesser than, attacked or that I am in a hostile environment. I have felt completely supported and led by a team of individuals who truly care about our hospital and our community. We are here for the patients. We have a very important and rewarding job to do. Each of us is expected to show up every day and give it our all. As Terry often says, “the patients are our bosses and they are why we are working in this profession.” Will we stumble along the way? Absolutely, but we have the support of Terry and the rest of the administrative team to help us to be the best we can be for our patients. For anyone with questions regarding what was previously shared at the last board meeting and what continues to be shared in the local newspaper, I strongly encourage you to reach out to those currently working within the organization with an open mind and hear the truth about our environment, our culture and how we, with first-hand experience, feel about our administration and leadership.

Amanda Tyler