My name is Chris Roe. I have been a Cedar County Resident my entire life. I was Born and raised in El Dorado Springs to a mother and father who were also Lifelong Cedar County Residents.

As a family we all consider CCMH our Family Hospital.

I have been employed with CCMH for a total of 20 years with 17 of those years working as a RN and working in many positions throughout the hospital including management.

In that time, I have not seen the support from administration and the board like what we currently have had in the last year.

Administration daily makes multiple walk throughs to reach out to employees and patients to see if their needs are being met. Speaking on behalf of hospital employees thank you so much for this action for it is not unnoticed.

Board I would like to also thank each of you for your participation, commitment and your service to the employees and patients at Cedar County Memorial.

The effects of these behaviors have increased employee morale, created a positive work environment and happier patient clientele

Two things I would like to leave you with tonight to think about

1. Behavior that undermines an organization including disruptive and intimidating behavior has a negative effect on the quality of patient care and CCMH employees.

2. Or positive behavior which is a key element of a successful organization by maintaining an environment of professionalism that encourages communication and promotes high quality care for your patients

Which of these do you choose?

Thank You

Chris Roe