I have never written an article before but after reading Mr. Ray’s letter to the editor I felt obliged to do so.

As a Life Member of the VFW I admit we were remiss in failing to lower the flag to half-mast and for that I humble apologize. Does this mean that we honor our fallen comrades any less? I hardly think so. Most of us have lost friends and loved ones in our Nation’s cause in various conflicts around the globe. How could we not hold them in high regard if that was indeed the point of Mr. Ray’s letter? There are also a few other things Mr. Ray didn’t get quite right.

Memorial Day was instituted to honor veterans who gave their lives in the service of our country. It has since expanded to honor all deceased veterans and many further expanded it to decorate the graves of loved ones.

Veteran’s Day, on the other hand, was originally dedicated to the fallen of World War I. It was later expanded to honor all veterans living or dead.

The local VFW Post 257 performs ceremonies for both Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.

I encourage Mr. Ray to join one (or all) of the local veteran’s organizations such as the VFW, American Legion, VVA or any of the other fine organizations. In that way he could not only continue to monitor “Flag Etiquette” but assist in the endeavors of these various organizations such as providing funeral honors for deceased veterans, setting military grave stones, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and POW/MIA ceremonies, providing scholarships to deserving students, sending care packages to our troops overseas, provide Color Guard services, providing personal items to patients at the Veteran’s Home at Mt. Vernon, placing flags on veteran’s graves on Memorial Day, assisting veterans in obtaining VA benefits and the many other services provided by these various veteran’s groups.

It’s very easy to “Talk the talk” but to “Walk the talk,” not so much.

Beckman, Doyle B.

SFC, Ret.

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