No matter our age, zip code or color of our skin we all want our loved ones to live a full and happy life. So why are we encouraging mass shootings in the USA? We are #1 in mass shootings in the world and we have 5 times the number of mass shootings as the #2 country, so this is a problem the USA has created.
What if the media started discussing this fact and asking this question instead of dwelling on the motive after every mass shooting? Do you think more people would be lobbying to save the lives of our citizens? Do you think our legislators would finally start voting to save lives? I for one feel like I’m living in a nightmare, hoping to wake up and discover these record numbers of mass shootings in our country aren’t real.
It’s time to step up to the plate and work for a USA free of mass shootings. Save someone you love by contacting the media and your state and federal legislators today. We all need to work together to solve this deadly problem and for our right to live.
Ellen Wentz