A few years ago the county commissioners held a public hearing pertaining to the impact of CAFOs on the environment. It attracted people from miles around who complained about the smell of these operations. I live close to several of these chicken and egg operations and have never noticed any bad odors.
However recently there has been some very bad and strong odors coming from a neighboring farm. There is what I believe to bog oh waste and also municipal waste sludge being trucked in by the semi load. It is being spread on farmland as fertilizer. It’s only a matter of time before the runoff from this waste matter reaches Stockton Lake.
For anyone who doesn’t think there is a problem can drive out to Filly and take Hwy. K approximately 2 1⁄4 miles to the corner of Hwy. K and 775 Rd.
Take a big whiff.
Oren Harris,