The good:
The new business buildings in town are a welcome sight and the brand new businesses are wonderful for our growth and diversity. The new sidewalks and landscaped benches are really a nice tidy touch to our town. The new school and childcare facilities make the statement that we care about our kids and our public buildings and that’s always a plus. We’re proud of the efforts being made to better our hometown.
As we’ve traveled we’ve noticed “the face” a community presents to the drive-through public is so important. It literally makes us decide if we stop or if we keep on driving. In today’s world, the value of the tourist dollars can not be underestimated. Let’s strive to draw travelers into our community. Even things as small as trimming the grass at the curbs and removing clutter around a business and home are important and do make a difference. A town “covered” with US flags makes a beautiful patriotic sight.
The bad:
In our family’s opinion, the old abandoned Green’s Standard Service Station on Hwy. 54 should be removed. It’s in such disrepair and is really an eyesore for all to see as they go through town. It doesn’t make our town look very prosperous.
Also on 54, Mike & Joe’s Station and Allison’s Tire Shop, with their accumulation of castoffs around the businesses, don’t present a very clean or welcoming appearance to travelers and residents alike.
Although Santa Paula’s huge mountain of old windows is not visible from Main Street, it is very unsightly (and possibly unhealthy) to all who are in the area.
Thank you.
Name withheld upon request

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