I for one am beyond frustrated with the CCMH Board seemingly trying to exclude the newest board member we elected to represent us. Michelle says they should be, “cheerleaders for the hospital” but I would rather the board look out for everyone’s interest like it was intended to do and not be a rubber stamp for hospital management.

Why did they change the meeting time, which is rarely EVER done, to accommodate Michelle’s new job schedule despite the objections of the newest board member saying that time interferes with his schedule? They changed the time to accommodate her new job and said the meetings couldn’t be later because one of them couldn’t drive at night. Wednesday was the first meeting at the new time of 4:30 and it didn’t finish until after dark so she still had to drive in the dark. Since the meetings generally go on for several hours, I think it would be rare for them to finish before dark. All of the board members were aware of the meeting times when they sought their positions and are expected to be at the meetings or according to the bylaws, they can be removed.

It certainly seems that changing the time to accommodate a member’s new job and another’s night vision but interferes with JUST David’s schedule might be a way of trying to eliminate him from the board. Why can’t the meeting be later to accommodate all of the members? Especially since it’s dark before the meetings are over, so that excuse makes no sense. Myself and others have respectfully asked that the time be changed to accommodate all of the members but nothing has been done.

David was able to make it at about 5:15 and had previously requested that they hold off voting on one item. Instead, they voted on it before he arrived even though it was scheduled towards the bottom of the agenda and had to be moved up so they could vote on it BEFORE he arrived. This looks more and more like they’re trying to exclude a duly elected trustee. Even if all of this isn’t intentional, it sure looks like it is! And if not, it could have easily been corrected.

I’ve also talked to several employees who say they would really like to attend CCMH’s board meetings but they don’t feel like the board wants them there and worry there would be retaliation if they did show up. It would be nice if the board would put out an invitation telling the employees how much they are appreciated and that they would love to see them at the meetings. Maybe talk to the staff and find out why they are losing so many employees, what they can do to improve the hospital, what their concerns are and just TALK to their employees? Maybe even listen to the community and address our concerns!  And maybe consider saving the “cheerleading” for sports!

Thank you,

Cindy Malone