One quotation say, “God made man simple. All of his complications are from his own devises.”

Everyone make choices. Choices have results, consequences.

Several years ago new neighbors moved in just off one corner of my place. They son unloaded a semi-trailer load of treasure?trash? onto their yard. More was to come; probably four loads now. This hurts everyone else’s property value. In a small village there is no recourse.

Now for sympathy 31. Thos “in the boat” with me. They suffer mental and material harm.

Sympathy #2. They members of the ElDo City Council who are being demanded to do what is both legally and fiscally impossible.

Sympathy #3. Listen carefully, please. This is for all of those “not neat” people who are the source of the damages and complaints. Along with myself, all the complainers (“neat”) people are so much better off than any of the “not neat” people we should be happy. After all, how would you like to be forced to live in a house with no utilities?

Happiness is a choice. Yes. Their poor condition is mostly the result of unwise decisions. We “neat” people have made our own bad choices. “But for the grace of God, there go I.”

Sorry for all three groups.

Howard McPeak,

El Dorado Springs

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