Well, when you have nothing else to give you can always fall back on the old “Dog and Pony Show” and hope to cover up the facts and just give them some freebies and hope to keep the facts hidden until after the election and you are back in office then once the political power is back in your hands you can laugh at the suckers. Never underestimate the stupidity of the voters to fall for a new slant on an old ploy. They did elect Obama twice didn’t they?

Now the Democrats are going for the Al Capone method of fooling the people by giving them some freebies only they can’t decide which one can give the most and the biggest freebies. When Al Capone was head of the mob in Chicago the murder rate was high enough that there was open talk of cleaning up the city so pressure was put on the Fed’s to get Capone one way or another. Al was smart enough that he kept a large part of the police force on his payroll and he threw money around because he had a lot of it coming in. One story was of a news boy on the corner selling papers which in the middle twenties went for about 5 each. A large black sedan pulled up and a gruff voice said “Gimmie a paper kid.” And the boy handed in a copy and the hand came back with a $100 bill in it and the boy said “Geeze mister. I don’t have any change for that.” And the voice said “who asked you for change.” And the sedan drove away. The news boy said “Right there, Al Capone bought me.” Like wise when the country went into the depression and unemployment went to 25 percent the people were hurting and many were hungry so Capone opened up soup kitchens to feed the hungry along with coffee and do-nut shops and the people loved him for it. So, now the Feds are going to try and convict him of something when the jury might be full of people he had helped with soup and coffee? Not likely.

So some smart Federal lawyer said how about the IRS has he always paid his income tax? Now the Federal Government doesn’t care how you make your money but regardless of how you must still pay tax on it. So Eleott Ness and the Feds opened up a new approach to criminal prosecution and the IRS became a new tool to work with. As a result Al went out to the Rock in San Francisco Bay and done his time then retired down to Florida and died there. Hey, pay your tax.

Now it look like impeachment is the only thing the Dems have to belly-ache about and you can bet they will use it for all it’s worth. Too little and too late.

Bud Olinger,

El Dorado Springs

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