You may not print this, but I feel the need to try to wake up some of the Trump supporters. I am a 93-year old woman who has always voted for the human being rather than along political lines. I will do so this time and vote for Joe Biden.

I have a Biden sign on my property near Hwy. 54 in St. Clair County. Today we discovered that it had been sprayed with red paint. Was it one of Trump’s loyal “law-and-order” supporters who did this on my property while I have a lawful right to display the sign in support of my Presidential candidate, Joe Biden?

My dad was a World War I veteran, my husband was a Marine in the Korean War while three of his brothers served in the Army and Air Force as well. His fourth brother served in the Vietnam War, was wounded, contracted agent orange and recently passed away with pancreatic cancer. So you can see why I feel as I do toward a leader of our country who dodged the draft, as well as his two sons. Then to top it all off, he says these veterans had these problems because they were “stupid.” He even ridiculed Senator John McCain who was shot down serving his country even now after his death. I worked in O’Reilly General Army Hospital during World War II and saw many of our loyal American boys whose lives were ruined forever defending our democracy from a man similar to the one we have in our White House. Do we want that to happen again in our own country?

Just one more reason I would never support Trump is the vulgar remarks he makes about women. There are many more reasons, but I do not need to repeat them. I know many people who only watch Fox TV, but we watch MSNBC, CNN and Fox to get the news in all versions.

Is this an example of what our Great Country is becoming?

Thank you,

Beverly Allen Bearden


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