Lindsey Graham said, “We live in a dangerous world.” President Trump sowed us what would work, but president Biden has not.
President Trump said that we could help the American consumer by turning the Keystone Pipeline back on. We could also help our allies by exporting their energy needs again. Russia is blackmailing our allies now with energy. We have to help them get out from under Butin.
WE are buying our energy from enemies now when we have a reserve of 430 years because Biden stopped the pipeline. We just paid $300,000,000 for energy from Russia according to Dick Morris. President Trump said we have paid $700,000,000 to Russia for energy since they invaded Ukraine. (So, we’re helping finance the Ukraine invasion). Comment Line at the White House is (202) 456-1111 or
We need our allies to be strong and to stand with us against our aggressors. Russia, China and Iran all have their eyes on more territory, (including the U.S.) We are a lot more vulnerable than you might think. Our ballistic missile system is outdated. They have supersonic missiles. They have resources to produce many essential things, like semi-conductors, antibiotics, energy, etc.
China manufactured part of our communication network and electric grid systems and may be able to sabotage them. They outnumber us militarily and have more advanced weaponry. Joe Biden has cut our military spending.
Yes, we do live in a dangerous world. Let’s wake up and get some people in charge of the country who love Americans and want our country strong again.
Carolyn West