In regards to the White Trash Bash that was held here in Caplinger Mills, last Saturday Night Aug 13,2016.  I have read the Sheriffs comments in the Cedar County Republican He as you know is a FN liar. I was there , I live here and never saw him in the heart of the Total Lawlessness, Drunken, Drug infested Free for All.  If your Kid attended and you knew about it you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing them to come and if you found out latter they attended you had better find out just how bad it really was cause you have no ideal. I know for a fact he and other Law Enforcement Agency’s knew fair well what was coming and choose to do nothing. I am sick of this county’s non support from our Commissioners, Law Enforcement and the other assorted so called leaders that only look out for their own interests.  When are We the people of Cedar county going to wake up and Demand Responsibility/Accountability of our so called leaders. I guess it’s more important to worry about chicken farms or protecting their friends and families interests than taking care of what they said they would do if elected. Jim-Bob’s election is a start if is he is allowed to do the job without interference from the Commissioners.  The Sheriffs department woefully needs a revised Budget increase and brought into the 21st century along with better pay for all in the Sheriff’s department, after all you get what you pay for and if we need to approve a Tax increase By God We better do it Sooner than Later. We need better trained, equipped and educated officers along with some Respect for the Citizens of Cedar County. I personally sent a letter to the U.S. Attorney General of Missouri Tammy Dickerson seeking an investigation of the Non-Law Enforcement during this event.  I also forwarded a copy to Missouri Highway Patrol Superintendent Colonel J Bret Johnson General headquarters Jefferson City., Missouri Highway Patrol Troop D Captain Juan O. Villanueva in Springfield., Cedar County Commissioners, Cedar County Sheriff Leon Dwerlkotte, Cedar County Republican and Ky3 President and General Manager Brian McDonough. Also, in closing Mr Jackson no matter how ignorant or miss-spelled or sentences that are not properly written, I do not need your help in saying what I have to say.  Leave my Words, My Words.  What are you Cedar County going to Do we all live here Please Get Involved?

Dave Dambrosio

Stockton, MO

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