Virginia Charlotte (Gilpin) Beydler, 98, of El Dorado Springs, from this life on Saturday, April 5, 2021, in the home of her daughter, Lynnete. in Raymore, where she had resided for the last year. She has gone on to her Eternal home to be with her Lord and Savior, husband and many friends and family members awaiting her there.

She was born the oldest of seven children to Percy Clyde Gilpin and Jesse Jewell (McCarthy) Gilpin on May 22, 1922. After living in Colorado for a short time, the family moved back to Cedar County near the Pace Town area south of El Dorado Springs where she resided for the rest of her childhood years. There she met Raymond Beydler of the community. After their courtship, during a date chaperoned by Virginia’s blind grandfather, they eloped to the courthouse in Osceola.

Virginia and Raymond lived and worked in the Kansas City area briefly before he served as a pilot in World War II. Virginia went to school in Kansas to learn how to rivet on the B25 bombers used in the war, (A Rosie the Riveter). Then at 20 years old, in 1942, she worked at Missouri North American Aviation in Kansas City. However, she didn’t end up as a riveter, because she had hands small enough that she could do the wiring in the wings for the lights. The first day she climbed up on the wings in her dress, and her boss told her to come back the next day with a pair of trousers on. That was the first time she’d ever worn long pants.

While Raymond was in the service, she bought a two story, two room log house on a farm east of Olympia. In the late 1950’s, they moved another house to the property. They lived there until 1985 when they moved to El Dorado Springs. After Raymond died in 1989, Virginia remained in the home caring for herself until the age of 96. She then stayed briefly in an assisted living facility, before moving in with her daughter in Raymore.

Together Raymond and Virginia raised nine children. She worked at the Shoe Factory in 1954-55 and tirelessly in the home caring for her family, raising gardens, cooking, etc. She loved unconditionally her family, friends and mostly her God. She loved to read her Bible and kept record of each time she read it. Until her eyesight prevented, she had read completely through her King James version over 70 times.

Virginia was saved as a child in a camp meeting at Sand Ridge school house and loved to testify of it saying she was 12 years old.. After seeking the Lord during an evening service, she found herself standing. When the preacher asked her what was wrong, she said, “ I’ve been saved.” He then asked why she didn’t run and jump and shout like her sister, Marie, had, and Virginia’s reply was, “I don’t feel like it, I just feel GOOD!” Virginia was a faithful member of Hazel Dell Missionary Baptist Church from June of 1991until her death. After moving to the Raymore area, she enjoyed attending church services with various family members. frequently with Lynnete and Dale at Countryside Bible Church in Peculiar.

Virginia survived many things. She spent months in the hospital after being almost burned to death during her sixth pregnancy, a car rolling on top of her, coming to a stop on her stomach during the 7th month of her 9th pregnancy. Her older children ran two miles down the dirt road to get their Grandpa, whom she had to instruct, from beneath it, how to drive the car off of her; the loss of their 19-year-old daughter, Carolyn, in a tragic car accident. At 97 she recovered from a broken hip to walk without assistance of a cane or walker.

In her lifetime she experienced; Dust Bowl days (mid 1920’s), in Colorado… Living with dirt floors… Washing clothes in the creek on a washboard…Life without electricity…The Great Depression, living on corn bread and water gravy to eat… Crawling out from under many heavy blankets at 5 in the morning to get the fire started in the stove daily in sub-zero winters…Would sometimes make seven dresses in a day for her daughters…She would wallpaper and paint woodwork by herself while her kids were at school, and be finished when they got off the bus…Virginia and Raymond’s home had the first black and white TV in the neighborhood. All of the neighbors came to watch with them… She drove many different cars through the years yet graciously, at the age of 90, handed her keys to her son-in-law and asked him to sell her car, as she was getting too old to drive…In later years, scrolled through 21st century Facebook to look at photos.

In her lifetime she has seen this country go through drought, great depression, economic crisis, and economical flourish. wartime, pandemics, prairie skirts, mini-skirts and halter tops. Many changes in recent years, that she would be ashamed to have written down as they were not worthy of a mention. What a lifespan!

Virginia was preceded in death by her parents; husband, Raymond; daughter, Carolyn Beydler; baby boy, David; sons-in-Law Bill Baker, Sam Milligan, Larry Breshears and Roy Weeda; granddaughter, Tammy Kinney; great-grand daughter, Abigail Brown; sisters, Marie Cochran and Lyndon; Alice Nikodim and Art; Anita Leverich, baby sister, Florence; brothers, Marion Gilpin and Wesley Gilpin; and sister-in-law, Nina Gilpin.

Virginia lived to see six generations of descendants totaling 144. She is survived by: Clayton Beydler and Helen, Chris Beydler-Teresa and family, Teresa Short and family. Rayma Baker, Cathy Brumbaugh-Philip and family, Connie Kirkpatrick-Randy and family, Brian Baker-Marilyn and family. Barbara Godley and Frank, Shannan Cunniffe-Tom and family, Jennifer Lewis-Kurt and family. Judy Milligan, Eric Frazer and family, Allan Milligan, Brian Kinney and family, Chad Milligan-Jennifer and family. Arlene Weeda, Steven Breshears-Heather and family, Holly Braswell-Matt and family, Troy Weeda- Jacque and family, Kristi Sapp-Eric and family, Cory Weeda-Carrie and family, Lynnete Brown and Dale, Lucas Brown-Amy and family, Andrew Brown, Lacey Brown-Keith and family. Colleen Coale and Rick, Jessica Stephan-Matt and family, Gabriel Coale-Krystle and family. Garrett Beydler and Neva, Stacie Richmond-Trent and family, Jennifer Ruder-John and family. Olivia Krehbiel-Jeramie and family. Also survived by a brother, Howard Gilpin; sister-in-law, Rita Gilpin; and brothers and sisters in Christ.

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