All reports I hear are that the catfish and crappie are biting like crazy. I called Conservation to find out about lengths and limits. Stacia (used to be Ehlers) read from the rule book but it was so complicated we both decided you should stop by the MDC office for a free rule book.

It is fairly clear that the limit for crappie is 30 statewide except in certain waters and the minimum length is 9 inches. The limit in Truman is 15. The limit on catfish is 10 and the slot length you have to release is between 26 and 34 inches with only two in possession over 34 inches.

Taberville Report

By Bobby Dains

Dains Fish Farm

Fishing is good. They are catching blue cats on live perch and shad and on cut perch, shad and drum. They are fishing on the edge up at Schell.

Smaller fish (five pounds and down) are pretty easy to catch. If you aren’t catching any, you can move to a different spot.

I haven’t heard much about crappie.

The chicken of the woods mushrooms are supposed to be coming along.

Caplinger Report

By Danny

Caplinger Woods

They are catching fish.

The whites are doing good. The crappie are doing good.