Taberville Report

By Bobby Dain

Dains Fish Farm

Fishing is good and catching is good. There’s not a whole lot of people fishing but they are catching a lot of fish.

Baits are carp, bullheads, shad, bluegill and everything.

How’s the size?

I don’t really know the answer to that question. I know they are catching fish. There’s not a lot of people fishing right now but they are doing well.  This is all trotline. I think if you want to put out 60 hooks, you can catch your limit pretty easy.

Are they fishing above Taberville or below Taberville?

Both. Around Taberville. They are all doing all right. There is no bad. They are catching a few fatheads, too. About one out of 10 are flatheads.  About every time they go out, they bring a flathead or two in.

Don’t overlook fishing for crappie around stumps in the south lake at Schell if they haven’t closed it for waterfowl hunting. A minnow on a jig will let you control your bait. Keep the boat and everything in it quiet or you’ll spook the crappie.

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