by Kaytlynn Moore, 12 & Alexis Moore, 11

On Saturday, Sept. 25, our cross country team split into two groups and went to two different locations. Our JV team, along with Kenli Rader (12), traveled to Hermitage while our varsity team traveled all the way to Lawrence, Kansas to the Rimrock course on Kansas University’s campus.. Now, our cross country team has been to Hermitage before, so the course was very familiar to them, whereas with Rimrock, they had never been so everything was very new. Riley Quinlan, 12, who went to Rimrock, said, “Rimrock was kind of fun, especially since I PR’d. Before, my time was 20.01 and now it’s 19.50.”  Kolton Nichols, 10, who traveled to Hermitage, said, “It was great. My PR before was 24 minutes and now it’s 22!”

Coach Goatley said,  “Both teams ran well, especially for it being the first time at Rimrock. We ran fast and even had some people set new personal records, but we still could’ve done better. Despite not knowing the course, they still did good and we’re still very proud.”

We sadly didn’t take home any medals, but we did have Kenli Rader place 11th at Hermitage.

Photo by Coach Goatley

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