Taberville Report
by Bobby Dains
Dains Fish Farm
The river is out of its banks but fishing is good. Around here, you have to fish out of a boat.
Snagging season is over. They did good out of boats.
Guides have live scopes on their boats. They can ride around and find the big fish and have their clients throw out and catch them. The biggest I heard of went 132 lbs.
Guides take out about three groups a day. They are gone about two hours. Then they come back and get another group. They limit out and come back and get another group. The guides are fishing down around Osceola.
They were catching lots of slot fish and had to let them go. The slot is 26 to 34 inches. I’d say 18 lb. and 8 lbs. will be in the slot. I think the longer a fish is in the water the more mercury and other contaminants build up in it’s body.

Caplinger report
by Danny Finch
Caplinger Woods
It’s Monday morning and they are running the power dam.
They caught fish over the weekend – crappie, white bass, bass on jigs and minnows

Lake Stockton report
Stockton State Park Marina
On Saturday, the lake is so high that nobody is catching any fish.