Recently, Jennifer Mays, RN, Surgery Manager received a “Thank You” from a patient who had been to Cedar County Memorial Hospital for pain management services – Jennifer mentioned that she had received the nicest note saying how much help the treatment has been and wanted us to know — the patient did request to remain anonymous – but did agree for us to print the note. This is a great team! Pictured (l-r Kate Matzke, Surgical Scrub, Dr. Scott Kaul, CRNA; and Jennifer Mays, RN — not pictured – Mark Clark, CRNA, NSPMM-C)
Patient testimony of pain management services:
“When I started with the pain clinic I had constant pain in both of my knees and back. My pain was at a constant 8 out of 10 around the clock. The progress was slowed down some possibly due to me being diabetic, but here I am 1 year later and I am so much better. The pain in my knees and back is a zero during the night, I can actually sleep now, and my pain during the day is next to none at about a 1 out of 10. The surgical department staff was so professional and very accommodating. I would definitely recommend Pain Management services at Cedar County Hospital and the Surgery Department to everyone who is dealing with pain as I was.”

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