Taberville Report
by Bobby Dains
Dains Fish Farm
Fish are biting. I’m selling perch, nightcrawlers and frozen shad. Shad works the best.
The river is back in its banks. It’s muddy down there if you’re fishing from the bank. Schell is pretty good I think. They catch a big one ever now and then I think.

Caplinger Mills report
by Ryan Finch
at Caplinger Woods
They are running the water all day today (Saturday). There are several people fishing. They are catching crappie, white bass, walleye and catfish.

Lake Stockton Report
Mary Fidler
Stockon State Park Marin
They are catching walleye on a red flicker shad in the 20 and 21 inch range. Some people are using Road Runners in about 20 ft. of water.
Some people are catching them up in the brush which is weird. Most are fishing 20 ft. deep.