Taberville report

by Boobby Dains

Dains Fish Farm

Lot of people fishing. It’s good from the bank. Better from a boat. White cats mostly up to 30 lbs. Rod and reel. Baits are everything but carp.

The river is moving. We’ve had four inches of rain over the weekend.

Caplinger report

by Stephanie Finch

Caplinger Woods

I’ve got a good report for you. They are slaying the fish off the bridge. Crappie, white bass, walleye. The Corps is running water three days a week.

You can see their schedule at: They post it for the week.

Lake Stockton report

by Joey Fidler

Stockton State Park Marina

Lots of people here – camping, on the water, fishing. Some are even swimming. Catching crappie and walleye. There’s a bunch of boats down by the dam so they must be catching bass. Or maybe walleye.