The Cedar County Commission met April 20, 2020. Present were: Marlon Collins, Presiding Commissioner; Don Boultinghouse, Northern Commissioner; Robert Foster, Southern Commissioner; Heather York, County Clerk.

Met with Chad Pyle, Assessor

Requests to process court order 25430-25437, to add-on the assessed valuation of newly purchased personal property.

County Commission reviewed the social distancing order #2020.03.30.002 and signed an extension until 11:59 P.M., Monday, May 3, 2020.

Met with Sheriff James McCrary

Weekly Report of Inmate Housing: 42

Discussed parking garage cleaning project unearthed standing water in the ceiling near the Exit.   After further review and a plumber’s inspection it was noted that rain water was blown into the area and the insulation prevented it from drying out.

Local business owner called in to check the status of the social distancing order and whether his temporary modifications would still be acceptable use through May 3, 2020, the commission agreed no change at this time.

Land owner called to discuss closing a section of CR2251.  Commission explained the process and the land owner will consider his options.

Met with DJ Ford, Road & Bridge Supervisor

Discussed CR325.   

Discussed the intermittent starting problem on a truck, quarries still not crushing rock until first of May and mid to late May, delayed arrival of MAC dump truck, and the delivery of the new road groom.

Commission signed Supplemental Agreement No.1 to Engineering Services Contract with Great River Associates to perform a State Historic Preservation Office required Phase 1 Cultural Resource Survey.

Commission signed loan application for the 2021 MAC truck with KS State Bank.

Commission signed Mid-Mo Insurance policy change request removing the electronic data processing coverage as this is duplicated in other coverage we have in the rest of the policy.

Commission reviewed monthly reports from Sheriff Office, and County Clerk’s fund status report for the prior quarter.

Commission began review of a new employee handbook.

Bills and payroll were approved.