The Cedar County Commission met July 20, 2020. Present were: Marlon Collins, Presiding Commissioner; Robert Foster, Southern Commissioner; Heather York, County Clerk.

Absent: Don Boultinghouse, Northern Commissioner;

Met with Chad Pyle, Assessor

Requests to process court order 25650-25661, to add-on the assessed valuation of newly purchased personal property.  Hired Mike Postalwaite for part time assessments.  Discussed road closure process for subdivision.

Received Cares Act Funding Applications for Phase 1 from City of Stockton, City of El Dorado Springs, Cedar County Library, Cedar County Ambulance District, El Dorado Springs School and Cedar County Health Department

Met with Sheriff James McCrary

Weekly Report of Inmate Housing: 57

Reported road concerns for jurisdiction to prevent someone from parking on the side of the road.  After contacting the special road district and the City of El Dorado, it was determined the road was not a private road and is subject to road laws.  Discussed the status of the repeater installation at Jerico Springs; it is in process.

Mayor Roger Hamby stopped in to visit.

Met with DJ Ford, Road & Bridge Supervisor

Discussed need for sump pump repair for the University Extension Office.

1:00 p.m. Commission called to order the Board of Equalization meeting but no assessments were presented, nor were any appoints scheduled.

Commission signed the Certificate of Origin for the 2021 Mack Truck.

Commission reviewed monthly reports from Prosecuting Attorney Office.

Bills were approved.

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