The following misdemeanors have been disposed in Cedar County.

Bluecurrent Credit Union v Shawnna Adams, Stockton. Jgmt transcribed Circuit Court $15,581.87, 6/6/20.

Wakefield & Associates, INC v Sheila Amant, Stockton. Judgment entered $1,726.04, 6/9/20. LLC v Nicholas Antonini, Stockton. Jgmt transcribed Circuit Court $1,306.75, 6/5/20.

Cedar County Memorial Hospital v Darla M. Arlint, Walker. Judgment entered $1,623.19, 6/9/20.

Jason Lee Brightwell, Stockton, dwi, leaving scene of accident-property damage exceeding $1,000, 2/7/20. Fine: $46, 6/10/20.

Niki M. Duncan, Colorado Springs, CO, exceeded posted speed limit, 12/24/18. Fine: $50.50, 6/9/20.

Discover Bank v Jennifer K. Floyd, El Dorado Springs. judgment entered $16,137.06, 6/9/20.

Unifund CCR, LLC v Richard E. Goble, Stockton. Judgment entered $2,137.17, 6/9/20.

Gary Greathouse Jr, Stockton, stealing-$750 or more, 12/18/18. Fine: incarceration doc, 6/8/20.

Gary Greathouse Jr, Stockton, receiving stolen peoperty, 1/15/20. Fine: incarceration doc, 6/8/20.

Gary Greathouse Jr, Stockton, burglary=2nd degree, stealing, 3/18/19. Fine: incarceration doc, jail, 6/8/20.

Gary Greathouse Jr, Stockton, stealing, burglary-2nd degree, 4/18/19. Fine: incarceration jail, doc, 6/8/20.

Gary Greathouse Jr. Stockton, receiving stolen property, 3/24/20. Fine: incarceration doc, 6/8/20.

Hanna Larissa Hagen-Lebaron, Stockton, exceeded posted speed limit, 2/25/20. Fine: $50.50, 6/4/20.

Jessica Lee Hutson, Nevada, ownr opr mv wtht maintng fncl rspnblty(mv rqrd to be regd)-1st offense, 3/10/18. Fine: $98.50, 6/8/20.

Stockton Auto, INC v Kyle L. Johnston et al. jedgment entered $4,194.84, 6/9/20.

Linda A. Brown v Stephen R. Kaumans, Nevada. Judgment entered $3,928.25, 6/9/20.

Crown Asset Management LLC v Joyce M. Nehl, Stockton. Jgmt transcribed Circuit Court $1,086.20, 6/8/20.

Benjamin Shiloh Page, Stockton, sexual misconduct involving a child under 15-1st ofns. Fine: incarceration doc, 6/8/20.

Leslie James Ramsey, Dunnegan, possession of marijuana/synthetic cannabinoid of 10 grams or less, 9/20/19. Fine: $250, 6/8/20.

David Tanner Smith, El Dorado Springs, unlawful possession of a firearm, 5/14/20. Fine: incarceration doc, 6/8/20.

Americash Loans of Missouri L.L. v Alyssa Trantham, Stockton. Judgment entered $641.70, 6/9/20.

Cedar County Memorial Hospital v Kimberly D. Vanholt, El Dorado Springs. judgment entered $8,891.09, 6/9/20.

Justin Lee William, Humansville, operated mtr veh with brakes not in good working order, 2/2/19. Fine: $150, 6/9/20.

Justin Lee Williams, Humansville, exceeded posted speed limit, 2/24/19. Fine: $100, 6/9/20.

Angela R. Gregory, Stockton, animal at large, animal license, , 4/2/20. Fine: $25, 6/4/20.

Justin Lamar Jackson, Kennett, domestic assault, 4/29/20. Fine: $100, 6/5/20.

Carisa Shannon Proffitt, Stockton, fail to signal/gave improper signal when stopping/turning left or right, driver of mtr veh failed to war properly adjusted/fastened safety belt, miscellaneous controlled substance, 12/25/19. Fine: $20, 6/4/20. Fine: $230, 6/4/20.

Lavinia J. Turner, Sheldon, failed to register vehicle, 2/22/19. Fine: $50.50, 6/4/20.

Krystal Joy Williams, Stockton, animal at large, 5/3/20. Fine: $50.50, 6/4/20.

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