Jail capacity-62; current status-55

• Traffic stop at Woods Stockton.  Warning given,

• Received call of an assault against spouse and child on Hwy B Jerico.  Spouse fled and suspect doesn’t know where she is.  Spouse arrested.

• RP  requesting assistance with husband suffering from bi-polar on W Blair.  Having a manic episode with delusions and paranoia  HBO

• Traffic stop on Main St at St Elizabeth’s Church Eldo.  Warning given.

• Traffic stop on Oak and Vine Stockton.  Warning given.

• C&I driver on Hwy 54 from AA to Eldo.  Failure to maintain lane, speeding.  Unfounded.

• Auto theft reported on E 1750 Rd Fair Play.  2014 Rancher taken.  Hydraulic hoses pulled off of hay baler,  baler damaged.  Clear, report taken.

• Welfare check requested for male walking on Hwy 54 from 701 Rd that appears to be carrying a child.  No child involved.  Clear, no report.

• RP reporting neighbor driving steel posts into his driveway on S 701 Rd Eldo.  HBO

• Traffic stop on Hwy K east of Horse Creek Bridge.  Kolby Grimes given citation for driving while suspended.  Consented to search and nothing located.

• RP wants to report employee being uncooperative on E 2200 Rd Jerico.  Just wanted to have it on file.  HBO

• Suspicious person carrying a flashlight walking by RP’s house shortly after midnight on Crestview.  HBO

• C&I driver at Crabtree Cove Stockton.  Two trucks peeling out and speeding around.  Unfounded.

Ambulance calls: 5 Stockton, 5 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Traffic stop near Woods Stockton.  Warning given.

• ADT Alarms reported alarm on E Thompson Eldo.  Transferred to ESPD

• MVA at Crabtree Loop Stockton.  Advised MSHP.  Unfounded.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 54 Eldo.  Warning given.

• MVA reported on Hwy 39 and 215 Stockton.  Vehicle rolled 2-3 times.  Female out of vehicle and said she’s fine.  Dispatched Medics.  MSHP advised and they arrested Kathryn Todd for DWI.  Medics released.

• Officer out on follow up on S Park Eldo.  Subject saw officer and ran into house and wouldn’t answer door.

• Officer reported former student at Agape would not leave premises and was belligerent.  HBO

• Traffic stop on 1st St Eldo.  Citation issued.  Consent to search and nothing found.

• Officer out on follow up on S Park Eldo.  Negative contact.

• Officer reported suspicious vehicle at parking lot at Cedar Ridge Stockton.  HBO

• Trespasser reported on S Hwy 97 Olympia.  GOA

• Officer out on follow up on Hwy B Jerico regarding a stolen vehicle out of Barton County.  Negative contact..

• Trespasser reported on S 651 Rd Eldo.  HBO

• Traffic stop by Woods Stockton.  Warning given.

• RP stated neighbor’s motion light keeps going off and the dogs are going crazy on S 1453 Rd Stockton.  Requested an officer check it out.  Nothing found.

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton, 7 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Traffic stop at 601 and 150 Rd Eldo.  Krissy Mann arrested for active warrant.

• Alarm Company reported alarm at Sonic Stockton.  HBO

• Suspicious person on E Oak Stockton.  Officer drove through area but found nothing.

• Suspicious person on the top of the dam near the powerhouse.  Reportedly laying in the grass.  HBO

• Alarm Company reported alarm on S 1451 Rd Caplinger.  HBO

• Officer on Hwy 245 at Bridge in Dade County.  Teens jumping off the bridge.  HBO

• Traffic stop near St Andrews Lutheran Church Stockton.  Warning for speeding.

• Traffic stop at Orleans Trail South Boat Ramp.  Shane Miller received citation for driving while license revoked.  Meth and drug paraphernalia found.

• MVA reported near Hot Spot Stockton.  Neither party wanted a report made.  HBO

• Allison’s at Eldo reported a drive off.  Dispatch called Hickory County and advised.  They contacted the driver and he’s to return to pay for the gas.  HBO

• C&I driver on Hwy 32 and RA Bear Creek.  Driving erratically and at excessive speeds.  RP willing to sign a complaint.  Unfounded.

• Officer reported a road hazard on Hwy 39 and 1674 Stockton.  Pop up camper came off of the hitch.  HBO

• Officer reported disturbance at Umberview Stockton.

• Suspicious person at the car wash in Stockton.  Female in vehicle that won’t wake up.  HBO

• Received call of a drive off at Hot Spot Stockton.  HBO

• Traffic stop by Boat House Stockton.  Clear, no report.

Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton, 4 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Traffic stop on Oak and Church Stockton.  Warning for stop sign.

• Theft reported on College St Stockton.  RP reporting possible stolen guns are at his house.  Officer secured house.  Nothing found, nobody found.

• Suspicious person on Locust east bound from Vine Stockton.  HBO

• Sibling assault at Boathouse Stockton.  One dragged the other out of truck and punched her.  The victim wants to file a complaint.  She came to CCSO to do so.  Report taken.

• ESPD reported a 911 hang up.  It pinged at E Hwy 32 Stockton.  Contact made, all is well.

• MVA reported on Hwy 32 Bolivar.  Transferred to Polk County.

• Officer out on location on S Blair Stockton for a 96 hour hold service.  Male in custody and en route to Cox North Springfield.  HBO

• Officer out on E Gentry Eldo.  RP wants to talk to officer in person.

• Disturbance reported at Stockton Park.  Officer advised subjects of the 12 hour rule.

• Officer out to deliver groceries on E 1700 Rd Stockton.

• Assault reported on S Hwy 39 Stockton.  Brother assaulted sister and his child.  Male suspect’s wife having an anxiety attack.  HBO

• Drive off reported at Woody’s Stockton.  Unpaid fuel $42.76.  vehicle appeared to be heading east on Hwy 32.  Negative contact.  Advised Polk County of Dark blue king cab dodge with silver stripe.

• Assault reported on S 175 Rd Eldo.  Victim to file for an ex parte.  Report taken.

• Officer out on public service on N Main Eldo.

• Traffic stop on High and Oak Stockton.  Officer taking subject to get his insurance.

• Disturbance reported on E 1656 Rd Stockton.  RP received a call stating his girlfriend was going to kill him.  Could be pistols in the house.  HBO

Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton, 3 Eldo

Fire calls: mutual aid requested on W Dade 12. Vehicle on fire.


• Detective from Olathe Ks asked CCSO to contact resident here and have them call him.  HBO

• Received call of what sounded like gun shots on Hwy 39 by Sawyer Tire.  Turned out to be fireworks.  HBO

• Interface Security reported alarm on Hwy 32 Stockton.  Building secure per officer.

• ADT reported alarm on E Hwy N.  Disregard.

• Officer out assisting motorist on Hwy 39.

• Assault reported at 1st beach Stockton.  Parties separated.  Clear, no report

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and 54 Eldo.  Warning given.

• Officer out assisting motorist at east dam entrance.  Having car trouble.

• ESPD reported they received a call of a suspicious person on Lake Hill Rd Eldo.  Subject acted like he was under the influence of something and may have a gun.  Subject saw officer coming and ran and hid.  Officer requested assistance to locate subject.  Clear, no report.

• Disturbance reported at rock quarry Eldo.  A naked male was running around causing a disturbance.  Friends picked up subject.

• Officers out on civil process at Owl Haven Stockton.  Officers to serve a 96 hour hold on a female subject who was taken to Cox South.

• Received call that door was open on a house that should be unoccupied on S Church Stockton.  HBO

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and U.  Warning for speeding.

• Received a call from resident stating his tires had been possibly punctured.  He was told to report any information like this.  HBD

• Cattle out on S Hwy 32.  Unable to locate owners.  GOA

• Received a call requesting information on what to do about someone that is driving but shouldn’t be.  Dispatch asked officer and dispatch called caller back.

• Received call of a MVA on Hwy 13 and B.  transferred to Polk County.

• Theft reported on Lee Hopkins Dr Stockton.  RP stated prescription medication had been taken.  Per officer we told RP we need proof and exact information and name of thief.  RP requested we call and get a refill and we advised we can’t do that.

Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton, 5 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• ESPD called with a 911 hang up.  Heard a female yelling “get out” and the phone went dead.  Dispatch tried to reconnect.  Negative contact on Broadway Jerico.  Chad Kearsey arrested with warrants out of Jasper County and out of Riverside CA.  Neither would extradite.  Kearsey also has an order of protection.

• Officers went to do a welfare check on Hwy 32 Stockton.  Subject arrested.

• Federal Protection reported alarm at Woods Stockton.  HBD

• Central Station reported alarm on Hammons Dr Stockton.  HBO

• C&I driver on Hwy K and U Stockton.  GOA

• RP came into CCSO to say they’d picked up a male on east Hwy 32 Stockton.  He was hitchhiking.  Dispatch reported it to the appropriate place and there is nothing that can be done. HBD

• C&I driver reported west of Stockton on Hwy 32 heading toward Stockton.  Finally got subject stopped by court house in Stockton and he stated he’d been distracted. Warning given.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 54 and 101 Rd Stockton.  Warning given.

Ambulance calls: 5 Stockton, 6 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Traffic stop on Ward Stockton.  Warning given.

• Trespasser reported at Allison’s Garage Eldo.  Call cancelled.

• Disturbance on S Vine St Stockton.  Neighbors were shooting fireworks.  HBO

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and 97.  Warning given.

• C&I driver reported at north pavilion at the State Park.  Two Mustangs racing.  GOA

• Traffic stop on South and Pine Stockton.  Citation to Brenda Woodrell for failure to register.

• Traffic stop by Vikings Stockton.  Consent to search given and immediately retracted.  Warning given.

• Traffic stop on Beach Road Stockton.  Warning given.

• Officer out on civil process on S 1425 Rd Stockton.  Papers served.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 39 south of Hwy 54 Eldo.  Citation issued for registration.

• Officer out on civil process on S 501 Rd Eldo.  Negative contact.

• Officer out on civil process on E Thompson Eldo.  Negative contact.

• Officer out on civil process on S 425 Rd Eldo.  Papers served.

• Officer out assisting motorist on Hwy 32 South of Hwy U Eldo.  Driver hit a cat and was making sure there weren’t cats under the car.  Clear, no report.

• MVA reported on Hwy B towards Hwy 39.  RP stated he’s been side swiped and driver left the scene.  Red truck broke his mirror and driver side window.  RP on way to CCSO to make report.  Another vehicle stated they’d been side swiped also, on Hwy B and 825 Rd.  Damage done to driver side fender and mirror.  Driver rec’d small cuts from broken glass.  HBO

• Officer reported that boards on house on High St have been taken down and board on door removed.  Officer secured building.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 97 near 2100 Rd.  Warning for speeding.

• Suspicious person on Hwy B west of Jerico.  Subject flashing flash light into windshield.  GOA

Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton, 1 Eldo

Fire calls: grass fire west of Stockton

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