David George and Eugenia Taylor to Eric Ruchlow, STR 24-33-29 W/SW/SW.

Dennis F. and Tonnia R. Chaligoj to Paul and Darcy Myers, LT 1 PHILLIPS FAIRWAY.

Jessica Lillian and Kyle Colson to Krays Investments LLC, LT 18 NORTH CITY VIEW ADD TO STOCKTON; LT 17 NORTH CITY VIEW ADD TO STOCKTON.

Night & Day Renovation LLC to Mike and Sandy Bullard, LT 49 RICHARD’S WEST LAWN ACRES 2ND; LT 50 RICHARD’S WEST LAWN ACRES 2ND.

Richard and Kathleen Gardner to Andy and Jodi Graves, STR 28-36-28 /SW/NE.

Hammond Sheet Metal Co to Barrington Manufacturing LLC, STR 20-36-28 //SE; STR 20-36-28 /SE/SE.

Donald Ray Levi to Donald Ray Levi Trust, LT 21 COUNTRY OAK ESTATES REPLAT.

Susan M. and Buel Wayne Pogue to Christopher and TIffany Crowell, STR 24-33-25 //NE; STR 24-33-25 /E/NE.

Bradley T. and Heidi Jean Stevermer to Frank and Helena Ennis, STR 9-33-28 /SW/NW.

Anne and Joe Lopez, Paul A. Victor and Carla J. Schmitz to Nathaniel Stoltzfus, STR 8-34-35 /W/SE; STR 8-34-35 S/E/SE; STR 17-34-35 /N/NE; STR 17-34-35 /SE/NE; STR 16-34-35 /NW/SW; STR 16-34-35 /W/NW; STR 9-34-35 /SW/SW.

Hammond Sheet Metal Co to Barrington Manufacturing LLC, STR 20-36-28 /SE/SE.

Wayne Hiestand to Tina Steward, LT 6 BL 5 THOMPSON’S 2ND ADD TO ELDO.

Virgil and Edina McGinnis and Terry and Brittany Deeser to Todd Leonard and Austin Hunter, LT 78 BL 9 JOHNSON’S ADD TO ELDO; LT 79 BL 9 JOHNSON’S ADD TO ELDO; LT 3 BL 3 JACKSON’S SECOND ADDITION TO ELDORADO SPRINGS MO.

Michael and Sandra Bullard to Charles S. and Amber E. Shepherd, LT 20 BL 4 JOHNSON’S ADD TO ELDO.

Pamela S. and Charles W. Land to Charles W. and Pamela S. Land Trust, STR 24-34-27 //NE.

Andrew and Stephanie O’Neil to Robert S. and Linda Hartley Bassett Trust, LT 1 HUGHES 2ND ADDITION FINAL PLAT.

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