David and Sandra McGatha to David A. and Sandra J. McGatha Trust, STR 34-34-28 /W/SE; STR 32-36-28 /SE/NE.

Tracy and Kelly Bays to Bonnie Salisbury, STR 23-35-25 SE/NE/SW.

Warren Williams to Kenneth R. and Janell I. Hale, LT 79 BL 11 CRUCE’S 1ST SOUTH ADD TO ELDO.

Lural L. and Nancy L. Mays to David R. Burns, LT 79 BL 4 CRUCE’S 3RD SOUTH ADD TO ELDO; LT 80 BL 4 CRUCE’S 3RD SOUTH ADD TO ELDO.

Albert B. and Carmen L. Brownsberger Trust to Glenn D. Cobler and Karen E. Fusco, STR 5-35-28 //SE.

Marlin and Rebecca Kilmer to Daniel and Erma Kilmer, STR 31-35-28 /SE/NE.

East Farm Rd. 28 Trust to B & L Home Builders LLC, LT 29 BL 5 CRUCE’S 2ND NORTH ADD TO ELDO.

Paul David and Martha Perkins to Troy and Diana Oliver, STR 23-35-25 /SE/SW.

LaDonna Ruth Fuhrman Trust to James E. and Julie A. Stearman, STR 5-33-26 /NW/SE; STR 5-33-26 //SE.

Cathy D. Salyer, Jeanine G. Roe, Stephen L. Salyer and Lori L. and Todd Payne to Stephen L. Salyer and Dana L. Jones, LT 9 BL 7 ORIGINAL JERICO SPRINGS; LT 10 BL 7 ORIGINAL JERICO SPRINGS; LT 11 BL 7 ORIGINAL JERICO SPRINGS; LT 12 BL 7 ORIGINAL JERICO SPRINGS.

Stephen Clyde and Joan Kay Haines to James D. and Jessica R. Rickman Trust, LT 2 STR 7-34-27 /N/NW; LT 1 STR 7-34-27 /S/NW; LT 2 STR 7-34-27 /S/NW; LT 1 STR 7-34-27 /N/SW; LT 2 STR 7-34-27 /N/SW.

Krays Investments LLC to Roberta Gardner, STR 20-34-26 /SW/NW.

Rebecca Sue Haugse to Kristopher Brooks, STR 27-34-25 /SE/SE.

S&W Foreclosure Corp and Joseph D. Schoen to Dixie Dodson, STR 24-36-27 /SE/NW.

Marlin and Ellen Hoover to Marlin R. and Rebecca J. Kilmer, STR 34-35-28 /NW/NW; STR 27-35-28 FF PORTION OF ABANDON PUBLIC ROAD; STR 34-35-28.

Bryan and Kristy Clemensen to Bryan and Kristy Clemensen Trust, STR 13-34-27 /SW/SE.

Donald V. Jr and Anita J. Osborne to Joseph M. and Kathy M. Kaskie, STR 32-34-25 E/SW/SE.

Turkey Creek Trust, Benjamin C. Zitting, Sarah A. Nepherson and Sharla J. Williams to Douglas Q. Stubbs, STR 20-35-25 /SW/NW.

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