• Received a call from Grand and Gentry Eldo that a shed was on fire.  Transferred to ESPD.

• Received call of an assault at Caplinger Mills.  Two males tried to remove male from truck and also damaged truck.  Suspects vehicle stopped at Caseys Stockton.  Consent to search obtained.  Nothing found.  Clear, report taken.

• Traffic stop on Vine and Oak Stockton.  Warning given.

• Received call from CCMH that child was bit on ear by dog.  Child startled dog on S 2001 Rd Humansville.  HBD

• Property damage reported on S 1025 Rd Stockton.  Storm window removed and damaged.  Subject later called back and cancelled.

• Toyota cycle stolen on Alta Rd Eldo.  Clear, report taken.

Ambulance calls:

4 Eldo

Fire calls:

structure fire Hwy E Montevallo.  Olympia Fire responded.


• Officer reported assisting motorist on Hwy 32 and 725.  Driver having mechanical issues.

• Two calves on roadway on Hwy B 2 miles east of Jerico.  Gone when officer arrived.

• Calf on roadway on Hwy AA near 2101 Stockton.  Gone when officer arrived.

• Theft reported on Hwy 54 and HH.  Vehicle had been towed to Vernon County. HBO

• Trespasser reported at Crab Tree Cove Stockton.  Driver went around barrier and it sounded as if they were throwing and breaking stuff. Gone when officer arrived.

• Vehicle reported hauling rock and it not being covered and is dropping rock everywhere.  Contact made with driver and officer to follow to Agape to assure no damage to traffic.

• Officer out on follow up on N St James.

• Female reported male grabbed her by the throat because she wouldn’t do as he said on S 1851 Rd Stockton.  Dennis Williams arrested.

• Officer reported barriers busted through at 1st beach on Orleans Trail.  Reported it to the Corp and they requested it be documented at this time.  HBO

• Assembly of God Credit Union reported trespassers at E 2200 Rd Aldrich.  AG now owns the property and suspects broke in and were taking items from garage.  Previous owner apparently gave permission to remove items.  They were told they would have to contact AG now, current owner and the previous owner was making threats.  AG requested extra patrol.  HBO

• Welfare check requested on E 480 Rd Humansville.  Contact made and all is well.  HBO

• Received call of copper being stolen on S Allison Eldo.  Employees taking items.  Clear, no report.

Ambulance calls:

2 Eldo

Fire calls:



• Traffic stop on 501 Rd.  Citation issued.  ESPD advised they had been in pursuit.  Court date set.

• Received report of auto and phone stolen on S 2851 Stockton. Clear, report taken.

• Century Link reported alarm going off on Alta Dr Eldo.  Call cancelled.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 215 and 2044 Rd.  Deer in bed of truck.  It was State Park workers.  HBO

• Traffic stop at Woods Stockton.

• Traffic stop by Village Music Stockton.  Clear, no report.

Ambulance calls:

3 Eldo

Fire calls:



• Officer out on motorist assist on Hwy 32 and Sac River Stockton.  Vehicle over heated. HBO

• Received call of a possible homicide at Price Cove Stockton.   The victim’s white suburban and boat trailer had also been stolen.  Deputies, medics dispatched.  Medics released by deputies and Brumback was contacted.  Investigation ongoing.

• UPDATE:  it has been determined that this is accident.  Apparently vehicle ran over victim and truck and trailer found in lake.

• cow out on roadway on Hwy 32 and 245 Stockton.  Contacted owner HBD

• Officer out on investigation at Divers Bluff.  HBO

• Federal Protection reported alarm going off at Hex Building Stockton School.  Call cancelled.

• Traffic stop at RV and Golf Course Stockton.  Investigative stop.  Clear, no report.

Ambulance calls:

2 Stockton

2 Eldo

Fire calls:

structure fire on S 2125 Rd Stockton.  Residents put fire out.


• Subject called from S Hwy M Stockton stating he was very depressed.  Asked for an officer to come out.  Subject has active warrant.

• MVA on Hwy 215 1⁄2 mile west of State Park entrance.  Fed Ex truck driver transported to Mercy.  Power line down, Sac Osage contacted.

• Owl Haven Motel reported attempted break ins lately.  Extra patrol requested.  HBO

• MVA reported on 1425 Rd south of Hwy 215 Stockton.  Vehicle hit cow.  MSHP contacted.  No injuries.  Road blocked.  Clear, no report.

• Officers heard an alarm on W Blair Stockton.  City employees dispatched to fix the alarm on a sump pump. Clear, no report.

• Traffic stop near Westside Marine Stockton.  Warning given.

Ambulance calls:

3 Stockton

2 Eldo

Fire calls:



• Suspicious person reported at Blake St Apartments Stockton.  Stated someone messing with his truck.  Gone when officer arrived.

• Received call of a missing person.  Person located but did not want to return.  HBO

• Traffic stop on 82 and 02 Rd Eldo.  Warning given.

• Welfare check requested on E Oak Stockton.  An assault was believed to have been going on.  HBO

• C&I driver reported on E 1370 Rd Eldo.  Vehicle reported doing donuts in front of house.  Extra patrol requested.  HBO

• Property damage reported at Kustom Auto Stockton.  It is a civil issue regarding trees on property and caller advised to contact court house.  Clear, report taken.

• Children reported outside, naked and no adults around on S Hwy 39 Stockton.  HBO

• Received call of a stolen gun recovered on S Hwy EE Eldo.  Caller would not reveal how they got it.  It was confirmed as stolen.  HBO

• MVA at the Caplinger Dam. A boat went over dam.  No one in the boat.  MSHP contacted and Southwestern Power contacted in case water needed to be shut off at Stockton Dam.  Medics called as one person had taken in some water.   Declined care.  Medic dispatched for male with back pain.  Cancelled.  HBO

• Received call of a runaway on E Hwy M Stockton.  Person returned home.  HBO

• Welfare check requested on S 1175 Rd Stockton.  Neighbor threatened to shoot dogs if they came on his property.  Suspect threatened to come out and shoot whether or not he was naked.  Suspect reported several incidents with these dogs and he just had a BB gun.  HBO

• Traffic stop at O’reillys Stockton.  No plate on vehicle.  Suspect has an active warrant and advised if he could post bond he would be released on own recognizance.    HBO

• Subject came into CCSO to file statement of cyber crimes on E Hwy M Stockton.   Clear, report taken.

• Abandoned vehicle reported on Orchard St Stockton.  Reported by Labette County KS.  Officer made contact and subject will contact Labette County.  HBO

Ambulance calls:

1 Eldo

Fire calls:



• Received call requesting to talk to an officer.  HBD

• Traffic stop just north of CCSO.    Citation issued to Leon Pufett for violation of restraining order.

• C&I driver reported on Hwy 32 westbound from Hwy A Stockton.  Officer followed quite a while and did not observe any C&I driving.

• Officer advised of a large sink hole developing in yard at Hays and Hoff Stockton.  Will contact City Manager.  HBO

• Atlas Alarm reported alarm going off on South St Stockton.  Negative contact with key holder.  Large dog inside.  Building appears secure.  HBO

• Received call that storage unit was broken into at A & A Storage Stockton.  Inventory not complete yet.  Clear, report taken.

• C&I driver reported near Casey’s Stockton.  Christopher Music given for citation for driving C&I and for driving while license revoked.  Subject refused vehicle search.

• Officer out on warrant service on S Hwy J Stockton.  Multiple firearms to run not on file.  Chain saw not on file.  Clear, no report.

• Welfare check requested.  Nothing located.

Ambulance calls:

1 Stockton

5 Eldo

Fire calls:


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