• Simple Simon’s Stockton reported a suspicious vehicle parked in their parking lot and would like it to be moved.  Officer noted that vehicle was unoccupied.  Vehicle has been tagged for towing.  Clear, no report.

• Cattle out on roadway on Hwy Z 2 miles west of Hwy 32 Stockton.  Gone when officer arrived.

• MVA reported on Hwy 32 and 1350 Stockton.  Vehicle went off the road and through a fence.  Owners are fixing fence.  Mike’s Towing towed the vehicle.  Arrest made.  HBO

• Disorderly conduct reported on E Broadway Jerico.  Brad Scholler at resident destroying property.  Subject arrested.  HBO

• Disturbance on S 1425 Rd Eldo.  ESPD reported a walk in claiming someone had shot at him.  Subject was cleaning gun not aiming at anyone.  HBO

• Officer out doing building check at Elks Lodge Stockton.

• Officer out doing building check at Hwy 39 Storage Stockton.

• Disorderly conduct reported on E Broadway Jerico.  Suspect kicked in door of residence.  Caller will file for an ex-parte tomorrow.  Suspect has possible warrant out of Joplin but is non extraditable.  HBO

• Cow out on road on Hwy 82 north of the S curve Eldo.   Gone when officer arrived.

• MVA reported on Hwy 39 and 1350 Stockton.  Medics and MSHP dispatched.  Subject minor injuries.  MSHP to take over.

• Road hazard reported on South St Stockton.  Large tree branch blocking roadway.  Good Samaritan removed branch.

• Cow out in road on Hwy 39 by West Side Marine.  HBO

• Received a 9-1-1 hang up.  No contact.

• Cow on road on Hwy 39 and 274 Rd.  Gone when officer arrived.

•Officer out on Lake Patrol.

• Suspicious person on Broadway Jerico.  Caller states 2 people in front yard, 2 in back yard and one on roof.  Unfounded.

• ESPD reported an incident at the Caplinger camping area.  Shouting heard while on phone.  Clear, no report.

Ambulance calls:

1 Eldo

Fire calls:



• Officer reported suspicious person north of Lutheran Church Stockton.  No action taken.

• Disturbance on S Mill St Jerico.  Caller claimed neighbors were shooting guns and it’s not allowed in city limits.  HBO

• Officer out on follow up on N Ohio Eldo.  Suspect arrested and transported to CCSO.

• Assault reported on Broadway Jerico.  Chad Kearsey has partial extradition out of Joplin.  Kearsey arrested for forcing way into home when he doesn’t live there.  HBO

• MVA on Hwy J 6 miles north of Stockton.  Driver hit tree with possible head injuries.  Transported to hospital by family member.  Car to be picked up.  HBO

• Theft reported on E 752nd Rd Humansville.  Dirt bike taken, chainsaw and a 22 rifle.  Clear, report taken.

• Several cattle on road on Hwy 39 south of West Side Marine.  Owner notified.  HBO

• Road hazard reported on Hwy AA just off Hwy N Stockton.  Power line down.  HBD

• Received call of a family dispute on Spring St Eldo.  HBO

• Officer out on investigation on S 2001 Rd Humansville.  Arrest made.

• Simpli Safe reported alarm going off on E 1656 Rd Stockton.  Wind blew door open.  HBO

• Officer reported abandoned vehicle at second beach Stockton.  Citation issued to Christopher Watts.

• Theft reported on E 752 Rd Humansville. Lawnmower, trailer and a 4 wheeler taken.  Clear, report taken.

Ambulance calls:

5 Stockton

3 Eldo

Fire calls:





• Anniversary of one of Stockton’s most disastrous tragedies.  17 years ago today our lovely town was devastated with a tornado.  With the spirit of the townspeople we have come back better than ever. Standing strong Stockton.

• Officer out on follow up on 1300 Rd Stockton.  Negative contact.

• Theft reported on S 175th Rd Eldo.  Remington model 243 with Pentax scopt taken.  HBO

• Suspicious person at Owens Mill Apartments Stockton.  Male was chasing female but did not make contact.  HBO

• Woods Stockton called CCSO to deliver groceries to E 1700 Rd Stockton.  HBO

• KC officer contacted CCSO regarding stolen credit cards.  KC requested residence be checked.  HBO

Ambulance calls:

3 Eldo

Fire calls:



• Disturbance reported on E Jackson Stockton.  Ex-boyfriend appears to be intoxicated and harassing the family.  HBO

• Alarm Company reporting alarm going off on Alta Dr Eldo.  Officer advised all doors locked.

• MVA reported  6 miles north on Hwy 39 Stockton.   Officer contacted MSHP.

• Cow on roadway on Hwy 97 between Hwy 32 and BB.  Officer contacted owner to put up cow.

• Received a call stating someone was coming to pick up an AR15 on Hwy AA.  Information documented.  Officer received firearm.

• MVA at the Evans’ Drug drive thru.  Will try to resolve without insurance.  HBO

• Suspicious person on Sunset Stockton.  Stranger tried to open neighbor’s door.  Gone when officer arrived.

• Welfare check requested on E Hwy 54 Eldo.  Subject was fine just having issues with phone.

• Disturbance on S 1525 Rd Stockton.  Suspect seen walking in yard.  Gone when officer arrived.

• Officer reported 2 women in resident’s yard fighting.  Both women extremely intoxicated.  Warning for noise.

Ambulance calls:

1 Stockton

6 Eldo

Fire calls:



• Received a call from a local business in Stockton stating a male and female may be selling meth there.  Couple is also heavily intoxicated and will be driving.  HBO

• Officer out on follow up at Airport Village Stockton.  Citations issued.

• Received a call of a suicidal female on S Hwy 215 Stockton.  No firearms.  Subject has been under care recently.  Female transported to CMH at Bolivar.  HBO

• Suspicious vehicle reported on S Hwy 39 Stockton.  Possibly vehicle that officers have been looking for.  Car tagged for towing.  HBO

• Traffic stop near Woody’s Stockton.  Warning issued for equipment.

• Officer out crime lab in Springfield.  Retrieved evidence.

• Abandoned vehicle reported on 1450 Rd between 1825 and 1925.  Vehicle in middle of road.  Owner contacted and en route to pick up.  HBO

• Suspicious vehicle at Agape Stockton.  Vehicle just driving around back and forth.  Truck may be having issues.  Daniel Bough arrested for active warrant.

• Cow out on road at Hwy 97 and B Stockton.  HBO

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and 680 Stockton.  Subject displaying false plates.  Matthew Barcomb issued citation.  Plates were seized.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and 310.  Consent given to search.  Citation issued to Gabrielle Griggs for possession of controlled substance.

Ambulance calls:

2 Stockton

3 Eldo

Fire calls: